09:05PM, Sunday 24th September 2023

A building has been Listed for sale as NFT.

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For the first time, Okada & Company, an American real estate firm, was able to list a commercial property in the form of NFT. This commercial estate was listed as an NFT on the OpenSea platform with a valuation of 15,000 ETH. The completion of the transaction is not required with NFTs. Instead, it emphasizes the transfer of the commercial building's title or deed to the new owner. Chris Okada, CEO of Okada & Company, said the company has been interested in buying the building from others for a long time.

The sale of the commercial property is being used by Okada to attract the attention of other possible buyers and participate in other real estate transactions. NFTs, according to Okada, offer a wide range of uses due to their capacity to receive prompt payment for commercial property is a big deal.

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