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04:53PM, Saturday 20th April 2024

Agropartnerships blames COVID-19 once again.

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Agropartnerships blames COVID-19 once again.Agropartnerships an Agri-Tech platform which specializes in Agri-Tech investment and businesses blames COVID-19 and its variants for defaulting in payments.

In a memo released to the public few hours ago, Agropartnerships asked for investors patience during this tough period and accused COVID-19 for not allowing them to acquire "critical machineries".

Osazuwa Osayi the CEO of Agropartnerships  also reiterated that another virtual meeting will be held on February 18th and payment issues will be discussed again.

We at Nairainvest urge Agropartnerships to come up with a reasonable definitive date and pay back investors that trusted them with their hard earned capital.

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