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Meterverse Awareness Has More Than Doubled

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According to a recent study, metaverse awareness reached 74% in March, with the majority of participants agreeing that the metaverse is "the future."

According to a recent Wunderman Thompson Intelligence analysis of global consumer data, metaverse awareness more than doubled in seven months to reach 74% in March 2022.

Even though the majority of consumers polled who are aware of the metaverse are concerned about their privacy and the safety of their children, the report concludes that the metaverse is "the future."

The percentage of global consumers who have heard of metaverse was 32 percent in July 2021, up from 74 percent in March 2022, a more than 131 percent increase.

The report is based on consumer data collected by Wunderman Thompson from 3,005 people aged 16 to 65 in the United States, the United Kingdom, and China.

Adoption is widespread. The majority of participants were enthusiastic about the metaverse.
Among those who knew what the metaverse was, 74% thought it was "the future," while 72% thought it was the "next big thing." Another 68 percent and 66 percent agreed that the metaverse is "the next internet" and "life-changing."
Another 82 percent of those who are aware of the metaverse believe it will become a social hub. Other responses indicated that the majority of participants expected it to become a place to shop and work.

Metaverse is a social and welcoming environment. According to the survey results, it was indicated that the metaverse is shifting away from digital engagement and toward active creation

Sixty percent of metaverse participants believe brands should manufacture and sell digital products alongside physical products on the metaverse.

Because the metaverse is primarily perceived as a socialization platform by survey respondents, 76 percent of them stated that they wanted their avatar to express their creativity in ways that they couldn't in the physical world.

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